Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, it is a great idea to discuss massage with your partner, and find out if massage is an option for you both. There is a lot of benefit from the growth and development of the fetus, and massage is one of the most beneficial treatments for expectant mothers. The muscles of the pelvic floor are tightening during pregnancy, and many mothers describe that they make childbirth a miserable experience by only being allowed to do a small amount of walk around the living room. discussion of massage during pregnancy can be a very thoughtful and enjoyable part of the preparation for motherhood.

More benefits of massage for mothers are that massage creams are very inexpensive, and can be used in many different ways, not just as a means of relaxation or pain relief during labor. Massage in early pregnancy will help decrease the risk of the mother passing her baby for several reasons. As mentioned above, the muscles of the pelvic floor are tightened, which can put a lot of strain on the arteries in the mother’s abdomen. This can put a mother at risk for having her blood pressure go down and stop her circulation entirely, which may kill a mother. Also, the mother will be applying a lot of stress to the muscles of the pelvic floor for a long period of time, and maybe at risk for having her blood pressure go down, but which can also be very unhealthy. If a mother does not discuss massage with her doctor, she can inform her OB/GYN of the situation, and be informed of the mother’s overall health.

A mother can feel relaxed after having a baby, but there are also benefits for a massage treatment while the mom is going through these changes. As mentioned above, massage can help with relaxation and pain relief during this period. It can also help mothers to be encouraged to do their exercise with the use of a painful shoe that will cause pins and needles, which will then be formed into a running commentary as the mother utilizes the exercise equipment. Many mothers find that a massaging bottle or a warm towel is very therapeutic during these times. It helps to prevent the mothers from drying out the creases on their feet, as the additional moisture can make the parenting time more enjoyable for the child.

It is well established that massage is beneficial for the growth of the fetus, and may help to promote the survival of the infant, too. In a study of pregnant mothers who did not smoke, those who were smokers were more likely to gain weight during the hospitalization and delivery phases but were less likely to let that weight come in while they were pregnant. Those who were nonsmokers were less likely to let the weight come in naturally. The less weight that a mother gained while she was pregnant, the less likely the child will be to develop diabetes.

Massage has also been shown to be beneficial during pregnancy for the mother and the baby. There was a study in the July 2005 issue of the journal “Biology of the Feels” that showed that massage can both decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase the relaxation hormone dopamine in a mother. According to the researchers, women who are stress glands suffer begin to react to the massage, and those effects can help both mother and child.

Going forward, massage services offering mother exotic massage are popular in many homes. While I do not recommend the massaging of young babies, I do recommend that you do relax. Take the time to enjoy your life, even if it is alone, and take the time to contemplate your new life.